Top Caves in the United States

Caves are fascinating places to visit. Entering a cave is like entering an underground realm where you would expect to find dwarves and hidden cities. Some caves are covered with formations of stalactites stalagmites, draperies, columns and others features collectively called speleothems.

Caves come in numerous forms. The traditional Solution Cave is what most think of and they are the ones that often have formations. This type is usually the most dramatic type of cave. There are also Lava Caves, Sea Caves, Erosional Caves and others.

I make it a point to visit a cave when I am in the area of one, and most people don’t realize how many there are. There are thousands of caves that can be visited in the United States alone.

Below are some of my favorite caves, ranked in order of my preference. I have many to write about and will add them as I am able.


Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park, Nevada
Lehman Caves, Nevada