State Parks – The Most Beautiful in the United States

The United States is blessed with many beautiful natural areas. While national parks and monuments rightly gather the most attention and visitation, there are some wonderful places protected by State Parks. I’ve collected some of my favorites below and each is worth your visit. Most can be enjoyed in just a few hours, but that doesn’t lesson their worth.

Below are some of my favorite state parks – I’ll be adding to this list as I have time to write. For me, the main criteria in a good park is natural beauty, and many of these have areas that compare favorably to national parks. Click each picture to read a detailed article that will tell you what to expect and how to see it best.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Valley of Fire, Nevada
Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada
Cathedral Gorge, Nevada
Goblin Valley State Park, Utah
Goblin Valley, Utah
Goosenecks State Park, Utah; entrenched Meandering
Goosenecks, Utah

The United States has many beautiful natural areas. To see a list of some of my favorites by state, click here.