When planning vacations, I think it is helpful to see the itineraries others have used for similar trips. But it amazes me how few of these are available on the web. With that in mind, I am going to feature here a list of trips I have taken in the past with detailed daily activities highlighted and linked to posts I have made that will make your vacation planning much easier. Drill down to each activity and you’ll find posts from me on what our visit was like, tips on how to see it and advice on what to expect and lots of high-resolution images that should inspire you to make the journey.

We are just regular, middle-aged folks who are not rich or particularly brave. But we love to travel and have new experiences. I’m working through our trips one at a time, and have lots to share. With each one, I want to give you the detail to know if you are planning the right trip for you. Take a look at our journeys, plan you trip, and let me know what went well for you or any improvements and suggestions you would recommend. Don’t hesitate to post a question on my site – I’ll answer as best I can. If I don’t answer right away, you can bet it is because I am off on my own journey at that moment. I’ll answer when I get home and I’ll have more new things to share.

I hope you enjoy reading about our careful adventures almost as much as we enjoyed experiencing them.

Chichen Itza, Temple of Kukulkan, El Castillo
2016-03 Mexican Yucatan – Ruins & Cenotes