I am a 50 year old grandfather who does not run marathons or triathlons. In fact, I avoid running at all. I do walk and try to do low impact exercise, but a physical specimen I am not. But I love to travel and I still enjoy adventure – I just don’t like taking risks by doing something beyond my ability. Despite these limitations, I’ve found lots of exciting things to do that are adventurous to me – things that inspire me and create diverse memories that I cherish. That is why I named this site Careful Adventures. I want to experience everything I can without taking undue risk.

The Mrs. and I in Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon

I find very few people in my regular walk of life who have done virtually any of the things that I have done. I proselytize all I meet on merits of travel out of the ordinary, and that is what led me to create this website. I hope that I can encourage others to travel and look for opportunities for adventure. Even if you do not feel like an adventurous person or one who is likely to jump out of an airplane or climb a cliff, there are still innumerable experiences waiting for you to try.

Sharing my travels is my beloved wife and four children. She’s traveled with me from the moment we got married, taking a 30 day road trip to see our national parks for the first time. She does wonderfully for a grandmother who is afraid of heights.

Take a look around my website. I am adding new content all the time from the long list of amazing places I’ve been and wonderful, memorable experiences I’ve had and continue to have. Find some that excite you and make it happen. It is easier than you think, and I’m here to assist. Drop me a note or make a comment and I’ll try to answer any questions or offer advice where it is needed. You can offer me advice, too. You can bet that at any given moment, I have a trip or two in the works.

Pop Cameron