Elephant Rock is located in Valley of Fire State Park, which is in southeastern Nevada about 50 miles from Las Vegas. It is easily seen from the road just inside the east entrance, but to see it on foot or get a picture, you need to take an easy 0.4 mile round-trip hike from the parking near the east entrance. There are a lot of other interesting rock formations nearby, including dozens of tiny, unnamed arches that are more like windows but are fun to explore.

Elephant Rock is not a big arch, but it’s shape is very unusual and is clearly shaped as the elephant from which it gets its name. You may need to check the arch out from several sides to get your most interesting picture.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire gets its name because of the bright red sandstone located there, but also because it gets really hot in the summer – temperatures can go above 100° Fahrenheit.

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