Jug Handle Arch is an interesting arch along the Colorado River just south of Moab, Utah. This should not be confused with the more difficult to see arch of the same name in Zion National Park. Jug Handle sits close to the bluff, which leads to its name. At a height of 46 feet, it has a much longer span.


Jug Handle Arch is easy to see if you are in the Moab area. Go north from Moab on Hwy 191 and turn left on Hwy Hwy 279 (Potash Mine Rd) just after crossing the Colorado River. Follow this paved road along the Colorado River for 13.4 miles. Watch for a sign and parking area on the right. The arch is high up on the cliff. You can see it from the car but a better view will be had by getting out, of course.

Make sure to watch for the Petroglyphs along the way on Hwy 279. If you have the time and inclination, I strongly recommend making the stop at Corona Arch (you will pass the trailhead on the right going toward Jug Handle Arch). The hike is 3 miles round trip, but Corona Arch and the nearby Bow Tie Arch are impressive.


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