Sand Dune Arch is in Utah’s Arches National Park in the Devil’s Garden section of the park. It is a short .2 hike from the main road at the southern Broken Arch Trailhead prior to arriving in the Devil’s Garden Trailhead area. It is a hidden little arch 25 feet wide and 12 feet high. You can walk right up and stand under it, where a pile of sand lies. Many hikers like to take off their shoes and run them through the sand.

You can continue along the hike to see Broken Arch (it is not broken, just cracked) and eventually Tapestry Arch before having to double back. The whole loop will be 1.7 miles. The Campground is the best place to begin the loop.

Nearby is the Landscape Arch loop hike of 7.8 miles with 8 additional arches, which are well worth your time. The portion to Landscape Arch and back includes Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch and is about 1.5 miles round trip.

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