The North Window is in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. It is the companion arch to the South Window and together, they are sometimes known as The Spectacles due to their resemblance to a pair of glasses with a bulbous nose between them. This 90 foot wide and 48 feet high arch is well formed and looks like an eye socket from a distance. You can walk right up and stand under the arch – which is a mixed blessing. In busier times, you’ll never get a shot without someone else in it. Since it faces to the southwest, the afternoon has better lighting.

The Windows, North Window South Window, Arches National Park
The Windows (or Spectacles)

To get the most famous view of this arch, which shows Turret Arch through the center of the eye, you have to scramble through the arch to the other side and climb up a small cliff. The shot is a must if you are a photographer, but the extra climbing requires care. The lighting for this shot is better in the morning and if you arrive early enough, you may get there before tourists occupy your shot.

North Window and Turret Arch, Arches National Park
North Window and Turret Arch

The North Window is easily seen. As part of Arches National Park, you can drive up to a parking area and the arch is only a few tenths of a mile from there. In this same area, you will also see the South Window, Turret Arch and Double Arch, all with only about 2 miles of total walking on mostly level ground.

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