Owachomo Natural Bridge is the smallest of three natural bridges located in Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah. It is the third of three natural bridges encountered while driving the one-way, nine mile loop road through the park.

Owachomo Natural Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah
Owachomo Natural Bridge

Owachomo means ‘rock mound’ in Hopi and is named for a rock formation on one end of the bridge. The creek that once flowed under Owachomo no longer does so. While smaller than the other two natural bridges in the park, Sipapu and Kachina, it is still impressive with a 180 foot span, 106 feet in height, 27 feet in width, and only 9 feet thick. You can approach this arch from below but don’t go on top of it.

Owachomo can be seen by mostly level .2 mile walk across uneven ground. The bridge is lit nicely in the afternoon sun.

You can find my hi-res pictures of Owachomo natural bridge here.

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