Valley of the Gods, Utah

Valley of the Gods is a primitive area in southern Utah near the small town of Mexican Hat. It features a 17 mile dirt road that goes from hwy 163 to hwy 261 and can be done as a loop utilizing these paved roads. The area is a great place to go to get away from the crowds and see scenery similar to what is at nearby Monument Valley. Being on BLM land, you do not have to worry about the kind of Navajo tribal restrictions faced in Monument Valley – i.e. you are free to explore as you will.

Valley of the Gods, Utah

Being very wild, you will find few people there and likely will not meet a car at all when you drive through. The road itself is dirt and gravel and dips in and out of small creek bottoms. Any high clearance vehicle should be fine there, but use caution with a car. At about the ½ way point coming from either direction, you’ll find primitive camping options. The bulk of the attractive monuments – towering buttes and pinnacles, are found closer to hwy 163 than hwy 261. Apart from these, you will see a lot of open spaces that are fun to take in. Being dirt and gravel, the drive will take a bit longer, so plan an hour to drive through it if you only make brief stops.

Due to its isolated location, please make sure you have plenty water. There are no services there, only a primative toilet. It can get very hot here during much of the year. Be careful in the heat, particularly in summer when the temperatures can exceed 100° fahrenheit.

Valley of the Gods, Utah
Sign from Hwy 261

Valley of the Gods is probably not a destination in and of itself, but you can combine it with some of the more well known sites in the area. To the north is Natural Bridges National Monument. To the south is Goosenecks State Park and Monument Valley.

When driving here the north on hwy 261, you’ll drive down the infamous Moki Dugway.

Map to Valley of the Gods, Utah
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