Cenote Chaak Tun is a wonderful cenote with a large lake in a cave where you can snorkel, viewing cave formations above and below the water. Considering its location and quality, it is surprising it is not visited more. Since a guide is generally required, it is a bit on the expensive side (about 250 pesos a person at the time of this writing). A photographer was on site when we were thereCenote Chaak Tun sign, Cave snorkeling, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

selling a CD with pictures she took of our experience, but we were not restricted from taking our own pictures, although dim lighting will restrict the quality of your shots if you do not have good gear. Wetsuits, vests and snorkel gear are also provided, as is a shower and a locker if needed. If you drive yourself, there is some parking off the street right in front of the cenote park.

We drove ourselves to Cenote Chaak Tun, which can be reached in about 15 minutes from highway 307 in Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Yucatan – Google maps has the location.

Cenote Chaak Tun map, Cave snorkeling, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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There is a bit of walking through the jungle to reach the two cenotes with only a few steps and limited elevation change. A good boardwalk leads well into the bigger cenote and provides access to the deeper water from there.

Bring a waterproof flashlight along to help illuminate the formations underwater. You can find some reasonably priced rechargeable ones on Amazon if desired. The tour as a whole probably will take about two hours to complete.Cenote Chaak Tun, Cave snorkeling, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Most local hotels will be able to provide transportation for this cenote if asked. There are also tour operators that will assist, or at the worst, you can hire a cab for the approximate 10-15 km trip from local resorts, although I have heard that since this cenote is visited rarely enough that your driver may not know it. A trip from a cruise ship stop in Cozumel likely can also be arranged and perhaps combined with another cenote in the area or a little beach time.

All in all, this is a great little adventure requiring only a little care. Have fun!

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